How to slim down with Green Coffee.

Green coffee is a relatively new product on our shelves. The beans of this plant are used against excess weight. There are conflicting rumours as for the effectiveness of green coffee for slimming. Does it really help in the battle against excessive weight, and if so, how to use this beverage?

Following the example of a colleague, I read about green coffee and its properties and decided to try this miracle remedy which reminds legumes or nuts)). I must say that coffee is not my favourite. I prefer tea with sugar. Green coffee though doesn’t taste like regular black coffee but rather like a strong herbal tea. It has a specific taste, it’s slightly bitter but quite flavoursome. It reminded me of Chinese herb blend. I used to go to acupuncture and the Chinese therapist gave it to me, it tastes a bit tart. However, green coffee is perfectly drinkable.

A quick way to lose weight.

Green Coffee comes from the coffee bush as beans, which we use in the morning as a refreshing drink, with the exception that green coffee is unroasted.

As the coffee beans haven’t been thermally treated, they have pistachio-like or light green colour. The drink has an original, not very strong herbal smell and sour taste, due to the presence of a large number of tannins.

Green coffee: the properties and characteristics of the product

According to experts the drink has beneficial properties, one of them is its effectiveness for weight loss. The effect is based on the presence of chlorogenic acid in the beans, which accelerates the burning of fat by several times. Without heat treatment, the grains don’t have this gorgeous colour and smell. This being said, they contain substances that help to lose weight.

One of the important features of the drink is the presence of unsaponifiable fats, linoleic acid, wax, fatty acids, stearin, tocopherols. Also green coffee contains caffeine.

The large number of antioxidants improves the general condition of the body. The drink helps to reduce cholesterol levels, improves cardiac function, mental performance, removes harmful substances.

The types of green coffee

There are different types of Green coffee on the market: whole beans and ground coffee.

This drink is produced in different countries. The cost depends on the quality of the grain, and the country it comes from and where it has been packed (brand). Green coffee is not often sold in kind. Unfortunately du to the product popularity some manufacturers often make fakes. In order to avoid buying a fake, remember that this drink can’t come as an instant powder or come as "3 in 1".

Losing weight with green coffee

This drink helps to lose weight. But how does it work, and what impact does it have on the body?

The action is based on the following properties of green coffee beverage:

  • 1. Chlorogenic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant, prevents weight gain, breaks down fats in the stomach and prevents their absorption.
  • 2. Caffeine in combination with chlorogenic acid improves the body's metabolism, burns body’s fat, which also contributes to weight loss.
  • 3. The drink has a tonic effect, it charges the body with energy so doing physical work becomes much easier. Workouts increase the effect of the beverage thus making the slimming process more efficient.
  • 4. Green coffee has an original taste, it supresses appetite, making it easier to stick to diet plans.

The preparation of green coffee

To enjoy green coffee for weight loss purposes, it’s important not only to buy a quality product, but also to prepare it properly. Follow the steps below:

  • 1. Grind the beans in a coffee grinder
  • 2. Cook it in a cezve (traditional way): add cold water to a spoonful of coffee and bring it to a boil several times.

How to take the drink

Green coffee can be taken in different ways:

  • To control the appetite, have meals always at a certain hour (for example, breakfast, lunch, dinner). If you feel hungry in between drink green coffee. The drink can be taken half an hour before meals. This will reduce the appetite thus reducing the amount of food you will eat.
  • Take coffee as the main drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner as a fat burning product. This will allow to immediately excrete fat from the body.

Many people believe that by increasing quantities they will achieve a better effect. However remember, safety first. Whatever you take you should strictly observe recommended dosage. In case of green coffee, it shouldn’t be more than three cups per day. If you want to drink it more often, cut down servings and take only half a cup.

Who should avoid drinking green coffee

As with any product, Green Coffee for slimming has contraindications. They are: pregnancy, breastfeeding, increased nervous irritability, personal intolerance, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure disorders, post-surgery conditions and others.

Each manufacturer has recommendations regarding the use of the drink. The main rule is not to take too much thus avoiding all harm to health.

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